Mary Poppins Black Hat Promotions

Mary Poppins Black Hat Promotions
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A Hat Full of Magic

Look, we know that everyone loves Mary Poppins and would love to claim that she's all sorts of amazing things. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough evidence to suggest any of it is true. Wizards need wands and we're not sure that umbrella qualifies. Jedi Masters aren't much without their noble robes and lightsabers, plus we haven't seen any telekinesis or true Mind Tricks quite yet. But, we have noticed something interesting.

A certain mysterious time and space traveler loves to wear iconic clothing and travels about with a practically unlimited amount of space inside a much smaller container. We think we're on to something, here!

Product Details

It is time to channel the true might of Mary Poppins by wearing her iconic hat! Now, we're not sure that this black hat is where her power comes from or if it is just part of her exquisite style. But, this hat is designed to look like it is crafted of braided straw while it's actually quite a bit more resilient. Decorated with daisies and cherries, this officially licensed accessory brings a little pop to your Poppins look!

Crown of a Time Lord?

Whether you're heading out to serve as a maid, babysitter, or making sure that the timestream continues along as planned, this Mary Poppins Hat is a perfect way to top off your magical costume look this year!

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