Masha and the Bear Girl's Masha Costume Promotions

Masha and the Bear Girl's Masha Costume Promotions

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If Bears Could Talk

We all wish we had woodland creatures for friends. Maybe it's Disney's fault, maybe it's the Brothers Grimm—but no matter what you watched as a child, we're guessing that talking animals came up at some point. It's not just Disney that uses this kind of character! In the Russian TV show Masha and the Bear, Masha is one of the only human characters in the entire show. Her friend Bear is so kind and helpful, and it's easy to see why young Masha looks up to him. Young kids look up to Masha, too, so your child will be delighted with this Masha and the Bear Girl's Masha Costume!

Product Details

This costume simplifies Masha's signature outfit into two pieces. The long sleeves are a part of the dress itself, which makes dressing and undressing much easier. The puffy white sleeves end in blue hemming, just like Masha's, and the hem of the dress features a thick band of beautiful patterned fabric. The head scarf has also been simplified; no need to tie these ends! The scarf's bow is decorative and hides a velcro type fastener. Both dress and scarf are in Masha's favorite shade of bright pink. All that your child needs now is some little pink shoes, and they are ready to go!

Find Your Friends

We may wish we had Masha's talking animal friends, but she also reminds us of the importance of the friendships we do have. We hope your little one has fun this Halloween or at their next costume party, running around with their real life friends. They might not be bears, but they are just as special and valuable! Honestly, if your child does have a bear friend, well, we're impressed. And maybe slightly alarmed. Stay safe out there!