Medieval Lance Weapon Promotions

Medieval Lance Weapon Promotions
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Ready for the Tourney

The duty of a squire is to ensure that their knight is always prepared for anything that they need. That means securing their armor when they are setting out, shining up their horse's shoes after a long day's work, and making sure that their weapons are always at the ready. Between all of the tournaments that a knight competes in and the occasional evil knight that they have to confront, it is critical that everything is ready to go. So, let us be your squire and get you ready to claim victory!

Design & Details

The first step is making sure that you're ready to hoist this Medieval Lance. Our Made by Us team put this together in-house from molded plastic pieces that easily fit together into a 50" toy weapon. Painted to look like aged bronze, it is a perfect fit whether you're a knight in shining armor or you'd like to take a lesson from us and squire yourself up for a Renaissance Faire!

Lancing a Lot

Make sure that you're ready for anything by equipping a true knight's weapon. Whether you're horseback or striding down the Rennaisance grounds, this Medieval Lance is just the thing to bring your look together. (Though maybe you should avoid any genuine jousting.)

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