Men's Orange Prison Jumpsuit - Men's

Men's Orange Prison Jumpsuit - Men's
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The quiet night is shattered by the dramatic thrum of electricity. But, where is it coming from? Lights along the guard wall flicker. The generator lets out a deep groan, clunk, and the lights blink out. A siren sounds. Dogs bark. Guards yell orders that are inaudible in the tumultuous storm. And, then, the hint of orange, the prison number, the bold letters of the Department of Corrections. We should be afraid of the escaping convict. Why are we cheering!?

We're pretty much fascinated by the idea of the prison escape. Something about those falsely-accused or "steal from the rich" types make us cheer for their careful planning and patient jailbreak. Whether you want to live out the rather yuck escape of Andy Dufresne, prove that the system is rather broken like Cool Hand Luke, or either version of Nick Cage's prison ventures, you've got a ton of inspiration to pull from. Now, you just need the right look!


Time to live out your Hollywood story of injustice! You're so busy planning all the careful mechanics of your escape plan, we can hardly expect you to worry about perfecting the look, too. Let our team of designers help you out with this Orange Prison Jumpsuit. This seemingly simple style is Made By Us with expert construction. The orange suit has a zipper from your waist to your neck and has elastic in the back for a great fit. And bold white lettering on the back and a prisoner number on the front gives you the touch of authenticity you'll need for your antics.


Now, how you accessorize your Prison look is the real question. Handcuffs? Go old-timey with a ball and chain? In films, they're nearly always carrying laundry bags. Of course, if you just practice the tired and centered look of the guy who's really seen things, you'll probably be fine with just the jumpsuit. Up to you!

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