Men's Toga Halloween Costume - Men's

Men's Toga Halloween Costume - Men's
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Toga, Toga, Toga!

Well, congratulations, it sounds like you've been invited to the big toga party hosted by the coolest fraternity on campus. Congrats, bro! That's awesome for you. Now, we are going to do our part to make you feel like the big man on campus before you head on over to the shindig. First things first, you need to put down that ratty bed sheet that you've been attempting to wrap around your body. No one ever became the most popular guy at school by wearing linens to a raging college party, so divert your attention away from the bed and feast your eyes on this men's toga.

Product Details

This Men's Toga makes for a great look for anyone who wants to feel as suave as Julius Caesar after he was victorious at the Battle of the Nile. With this men's toga costume, you'll receive a pullover cap-sleeve robe that has an attached shoulder drape. You can position the shoulder drape wherever you want so it flatters you. The gold rope belt ties around the waist and will make you feel like a winner, whether or not you end up winning the flippy cup tournament. You can add sandals and a laurel leaf crown if you really want to look Roman or you can wear the costume as it is to the party and we have a feeling that you'll become the big man on campus before the night is through!

In Vino Veritas

Just imagine yourself walking into the party wearing this stylish number. You'll look like you've just finished winning a Roman battle and now you're ready to celebrate with an ice cold brew. Just be careful not to spill all the frat house secrets, it's not just wine that makes you spill the truth, you know!