Mini Burlap Scarecrow Hat Promotions

Mini Burlap Scarecrow Hat Promotions
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Versatile Style

You knew right away that you wanted to be a scarecrow for Halloween this year. It’s a simple but incredibly customizable look that you knew you could have a lot of fun with for multiple different Halloween parties. Adults only party? Go super scary. Costume party competition? Get really into the realism of the look. Family-friendly gathering? Keep it simple. Handing out candy on Halloween night? A sweet twist would be perfect!

The only thing you wanted to make sure of, was that some of your accessories could go from one style to the next without much fuss. And that’s what you’ve found here!

Product Details

This Burlap Scarecrow Mini Hat is the perfect addition to all your scarecrow styles! Its diminutive size works as a fear factor, because there are only so many things that can make something look grotesque than over- or under-sized proportions. Meanwhile that same little characteristic is sure to help bring a more cherubic scarecrow to life as well—tiny hats are cute! And, attached to a fabric-covered plastic headband, it’s an easy to wear and style around accessory to boot!

Put a Cap on It

Complete any scarecrow costume with this Burlap Scarecrow Mini Hat! Whether putting together something, sweet, spooky, or charming for you and yours, this headband costume accessory will cap it off perfectly!

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