Mini Mermaid Infant Costume Promotions

Mini Mermaid Infant Costume Promotions

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Mini Mermaid

Your baby has had powerful legs since day one. Every time you need to change their outfit they squirm and kick as if they’re trying to escape. The moment you lay them in their play gym, they do nothing but clumsily stretch their legs and wave their arms. However, when bath time arrives, their jolty movements start to shine. Splashing in the warm water they’re twitching toes and wiggling limbs look mysteriously graceful.

After so many happy baths, you decided to try baby swim classes. The results were mesmerizing. Your little one took to the water like you never expected. They naturally propelled themselves forward and spun in fluid circles to return to your arms. While the rest of the class blinked little splashes out of their eyes, your sweet swimmer peered into the blue depths as if searching for more.

Have you considered raising a mermaid? From the sounds of it, you are already. How exciting! All you need to do now is get them looking the part.

Product Details

Give your baby a magical look with this Mini Mermaid Infant Costume. This gorgeous costume will have your little mermaid looking great for newborn photos or their first Halloween! The costume starts with a long bunting made with teal polyester and clear sequins. Glittering purple and turquoise materials create the bodice of the bunting to give this costume a classic mermaid look. Multi-colored ruffles create the cap-sleeves, waist accent, and tailfin. An included headband fits snug around your baby’s head and completes the look with its matching colors and shell detail.

Dressed to Enchant

This shimmery costume may not turn your baby into a real mermaid, but it will definitely have them dressed for the part. Whether you’re getting them ready for a magical photoshoot or taking them to their first costume party, they’ll look as enchanting as ever!

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