Mini Skeleton Scorpion Promotions

Mini Skeleton Scorpion Promotions
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Need to creepify your house? Well, what better way is there than random skeletal remains neatly placed all around?! You could transform your everyday home into the study or laboratory of a mad scientist easily and quickly by simply placing the skeletons of exotic or everyday animals all around. Take this Mini Skeleton Scorpion for example!

It would look quite haunting on your desk or on a coffee table. Then once you tell everyone the tale of how you came across this creepy crawler in the desert or your basement, they'll start feeling the uncomfortable itch as if bugs are crawling all over them. Putting people outside of their comfort zone is always fun and is what this scorpion prop is sure to do! Look at the rest of our skeleton animals to add to your haunted house. This Mini Skeleton Scorpion and the rest of his bonehead friends are sure to give you the scariest house on the block!