Minnie Mouse Bucket Treat Bucket Promotions

Minnie Mouse Bucket Treat Bucket Promotions
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Sweet Disposition

Have you ever wondered how Minnie Mouse stays so sweet? It’s really quite simple. She always has a healthy supply of treats on hand to keep away any blue-moods.

If one of her Bow-tique customers is difficult, she nibbles a chocolate. If Pluto leaves pawprints on her favorite polka-dot dress, she snacks on a lemon drop. When it’s rainy and grey, Minnie reaches for a bonbon. No matter the potential bummer, Minnie has a cure stashed away like the collection of Halloween candy your child collects each October.

Product Details

Load up on a whole new stash of Halloween candy this year with this Minnie Mouse Treat Bucket! The 5.5-inch molded plastic bucket is designed like Minnie’s cheerful face with her big ears, signature bow, and bright smiling eyes. Your child will have the perfect complement to their Minnie Mouse costume and a great place to keep everything they can’t consume on Halloween night. Then, should a sour-mood strike, you’ll know exactly where to find a sweet-treat cure!

Halloween Sweetie

It may take a bit more than a bite of candy to prevent a crabby-attitude. But this officially licensed Minnie Mouse Treat Bucket is sure to let you and your kiddo spend a very happy Halloween with the Disney sweetie!

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