Mouth Masks from Paladone Promotions

Mouth Masks from Paladone Promotions
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Mouthing Off

Frank's parties were great. They had everything a party should have. Food, a finely crafted playlist, he even put together one of those towers of champagne glasses for New Year's Eve one time! But something was missing. Sure, people would show up time and time again. They swapped stories, sang songs, played party games. But no one seemed to share photos and memories of these oh-so-memorable nights on social media. And if a party isn't shared on social media, did it even happen? It's almost like some sort of time warp is hovering over Frank's house that sucks up all the good times after they're over. Seems like we should help Frank out with a party activity that'll ensure people get photo ops that'll be shared for weeks, even months to come!

Product Details

All you need is a nose and a camera to stir up a whole lot of fun with this Paladone Mouth Masks set! Each illustrated mouth is printed on laminated cardboard so you can be sure they'll last from event to event. From an angry shark's maw to an adorable baby mug, taking photos with these masks will always be a hoot!

A Mouth to Remember

Know someone who always has a great game night? Are you looking for the perfect housewarming gift for that silly someone who's sure to appreciate a good laugh? These Paladone face masks are sure to be a favorite party set, simply set them out and see what happens!

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