Mulan Sword Promotions

Mulan Sword Promotions
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On Your Honor

Taking up a blade in the name of your country is a risky endeavor. It's even tougher if, technically, you're not supposed to fight. Such was the case of Fa Mulan, but she was just the kind of warrior that the world needed. Sometimes, if you've got to dress the part of the fighter and head out into the field, you need just a little extra to make your look convincing. Sure, you could call on the spirits of your family or undergo rigorous training. But, sometimes, the sword is what makes the woman!

Product Details

Bring the joy of Mulan to your honorable home with this officially licensed Mulan Sword accessory. This prop weapon is designed with inspiration from the live-action film and features a bright red and gold pommel, a braided cord, and Kanji symbols decorating the blade. It is a faithful prop, so it has enough heft to feel fun but safe for adults and kids alike.

Defending Home (and Yourself)

Whether you're actually fighting against the Huns or just being ready to tell the next tale of Mulan, this Sword Accessory is just the way to go! Wield it proudly. Wield it with honor! And know you'll wield it safely since the thing is just an authentic-looking prop!

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