Multi Gear Necklace & Earrings for Adults Promotions

Multi Gear Necklace & Earrings for Adults Promotions
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Trading Baubles for Goggles

Are you ready to dive into a steampunk look? It's sure to be a good time. There's so much creativity intertwined in this style. There's almost no limit to what you can wear. Ladies can pair leather trimmed corsets with harem pants and tough boots that could be worn doing something adventurous like flying across a desert on a sandship. Wearing a long skirt might hinder you from hopping on the back of a train but it won't stop you from solving a puzzle box made by a mad adventurer. No matter how you're dressed, there's always a new trick to try on the Steampunk scene.

Product Details

This layered necklace fits perfectly with many of our Steampunk costumes. The two-tone color scheme lets you easily pair both the chandelier style earrings and the necklace with many different looks. Balanced between dainty and industrial, you'll know you're ready for whatever adventure awaits!

Getting Into Gear

People who are already on the scene and know that a steampunk look is all about ruffles, layered belts, and intricate lace tights. Looks are almost always topped with goggles to help them travel by coal-powered snail, high-flying air balloons, and penny farthing bicycles. No matter how you decide to travel or what kind of style you're rocking, finish off your look with gears rather than jewels. It's good to have extra gears on hand. Because you never know when you'll have to fix your time machine.

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