Naughty and Nice Santa Hats - Set of Two Promotions

Naughty and Nice Santa Hats - Set of Two Promotions
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Every year Santa makes his list, checks it twice, then travels to all the homes of good children who made the cut. Naughty kids get squat. They don't receive presents in hopes they'll learn their lesson and behave better in the upcoming new year. But what if naughty kids don't want to learn a lesson? What if naughty kids are fine with not getting any presents and they want to continue being their naughty selves? Well, those naughty kids grow up to be naughty adults and we say more power to ya naughty people; be proud of your naughtiness and on the flip side, if you're proud of your niceness, kudos to you too.

Whether you're naughty or nice, there's a Santa hat for you. Let everyone know what list you're on by plopping on any one of these adult-sized hats.


The set of two naughty and nice Santa hats are both great traditional Santa hats featuring faux fur trim, a pom-pom tassel, and soft red fabric. One has "Nice" embroidered on the trim while the other has "naughty."


This makes a great gag gift for a couple. They'll love showing up to an ugly Christmas sweater party advertising which one is naughty and which one is nice.