Nightmare Clown Flail Weapon Promotions

Nightmare Clown Flail Weapon Promotions
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Becoming a maniacal clown sounds easy until you realize that you might need to back up your muscle with a weapon or two. Because when most people encounter an evil clown, they do a 180, and run the other way as fast as they can. If only there was something you could add to your diabolical look that would strike so much fear into your victim that they would stop dead in their tracks. If only...

Wish no more. You can complete your Nightmare Clown look with this prop flail weapon, and it be the frightening touch that you need to take your new persona over-the-top in a big way. This plastic weapon is styled as a double mace (but it IS made of plastic, so real evil clowns, please keep shopping). It has a wicked black, red, and white color scheme, and the splatter pattern on the spiked balls kind-of sort-of suggests that this weapon has already been used in a melee. Complete your terrifying clown costume with this exclusive weapon, and just get ready to watch everyone run for the hills when they get a glimpse of you.

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