Orange 18 Inch Foam Light Up Glow Stick Promotions

Orange 18 Inch Foam Light Up Glow Stick Promotions
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One Last Thing

So, you’ve invented your very own Halloween costume this year. Excellent. We love the sounds of the Jack-o-lantern wizard. Dressed in all orange and black with the power to… what did you say? Grow pumpkins? No? Still working out that bit? Alright, no matter. Let’s make sure you have everything in order.

Orange cape cleaned and pressed? Check! Orange and black makeup? Ready to go! Orange tunic? Good! Black leggings? Of course! Magic wand? No? A Jack-o-lantern wizard can’t do magic without their wand! But don’t worry! We can help. We know the perfect wand for your very magical Halloween costume. It even color coordinates!

Product Details

This Orange Foam Glow Stick is just the accessory to finish any Halloween costume! The 18” wand lights up orange with the included batteries creating a colorful aura to compliment any look. Carry as a lightsaber, magic wand, or a simple safety light for trick-or-treating trips. Suitable for ages 3 and up, every mystical pumpkin, Oompa Loompa, and wizard is ready to cast their own magic Halloween glow!

Halloween Light

Whether you’re looking to light up the night or need one final accessory to complete your Halloween costume, this 18” Orange Foam Light Up Glow Stick is up to the task!

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