Orange/Green Tommy Gun Promotions

Orange/Green Tommy Gun Promotions
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Total Boss

You're a tough cookie. Known all over the city—and even the world—your name is notoriously equated with loyalty to your crew and an unforgiving distrust of outsiders. You're not evil, per se, you just don't like wise guys hanging around your gin joint! We hear you.

Well, you obviously can't rely on the cops to protect your "establishment." That's why this Orange and Green Tommy Gun is the toy accessory you need to complete your 20s gangster look! It's as bright as it fear-inducing. No one will come causing trouble when they see you sitting at your regular table, smoking a cigar and organizing your next move with this resting by your side. So tip your hat to everyone who comes into your juice joint, and if you don't like the look of some dudded up gent, well, then show him this gun and send him on his way...or else.

Product Details

This fun toy is hard molded plastic with a moving trigger and real action sounds! It would be heart-pounding enough just to see this pointed at you, but to hear the rattle of a machine gun while running for the speakeasy exit, well, that would be a truly harrowing experience not to be forgotten!

Hold a Grudge

If your rival shows up at the costume party carrying this same weapon, we feel you are perfectly in your right to declare a group grudge. Play it cool tonight, but we know a mob boss like you will find a way to make things rights eventually...

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