Overwatch Soldier 76 Pulse Rifle Accessory Promotions

Overwatch Soldier 76 Pulse Rifle Accessory Promotions
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In Three-Pulse Perfection

There's something about the confidence that comes from holding one of the most innovative pieces of technology out there. Sure, some of the other fighters in Overwatch have frightening looking weapons. Some have cybernetic implants. (A few are simply full-on technological wonders themselves!) But, nothing really comes close to the simplicity of solid aim combined with a well-balanced and unbelievably accurate Pulse Rifle.

Product Details

Hop in to Overwatch fun as the mysterious Soldier 76 with this Pulse Rifle accessory. This is a prop made of molded plastic and painted to look just like the iconic weapon from the game and comic you love. There are no moving parts, so you don't have to worry about anything jamming up while you're letting loose with those epic Dad Dance moves. (C'mon, he's great at so much; we can't expect him to be Baryshnikov!)

Get your Tactical Visor Ready!

The world can't wait for more Soldier 76 action. Of course, you can't rush into the field when you're not fully equipped. Take up this Pulse Rifle and you're sure to find that even Reaper will be thinking twice. (But, grab your ultimate visor just to make sure that your aim is on point!)

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