Pink 18 Inch Foam Light Up Glow Stick Promotions

Pink 18 Inch Foam Light Up Glow Stick Promotions
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More Magic

When your child came to you asking to be a fairy princess for Halloween, you were ready to make it happen. You found them a sparkling tutu to wear over a satiny tunic and pair of neon-colored tights. You made sure they didn’t know where you were keeping the gossamer wings so they wouldn’t bend the wire frames at playtime. To polish it all off, you grabbed a shiny silver tiara and sequined wand.

Unfortunately, when you showed them the wand ahead of time, your little one’s face fell. When asked why they didn’t like the wand, they said it wasn’t magic enough. They want their wand to glow. They want it to look like real magic. You weren’t sure how to make that happen, which is why you’ve come to us! Good thinking. We have just the thing!

Product Details

This Pink foam Light Up Glow Stick is the perfect accessory for every fairy princess, good witch, or sassy pop-star! The 18” wand glows bright pink with the included 1.5 volt AG13/LR44 batteries providing a safety-light for trick-or-treating and an enchanting look for all your little one’s spell casting. Made for ages 3 and up, the foam glow stick is a Halloween delight for every piggy, cheerleader, and superhero!

Pop of Pink

Add a little light and a pop of pink to your Halloween festivities. Whether you’re strolling the neighborhood with your kids or heading to a costume party as a neon queen, this Pink Foam Light Up Glow Stick is ready for the fun!

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