Pink Pumpkin Treat Bucket Promotions

Pink Pumpkin Treat Bucket Promotions
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The Ultimate Dilemma

We hear your kid is going through a bit of a pink phase. Ok, phase may be putting it lightly. These days, if it's not pink, it basically doesn't exist to your child. Their walls are now pink, as well as their backpack, toothpaste, sleeping bag, and hair (temporarily, thank goodness!).

But Halloween is not an inherently pink holiday. Traditionally, orange and black rule All Hallows Eve, keeping things spooky. So, convincing your kid to go trick-or-treating in their (head-to-toe pink) costume is proving harder this year. Normally, the idea of candy is enough to stir them, but this takes precedence. Fear not! This Pink Pumpkin Treat Bucket will put a pep in your kid's step as they head out for Halloween.

Product Details

This plastic candy container has all the flair of the classic orange design, but it'! There's a black handle that matches the jack-o-lantern face on the front. For your sake, we hope this pink thing is just a phase, but either way, we've got you covered.

Treats Galore

We haven't done any official testing yet, but we have a feeling that the fresh hue of this bucket may increase the quantity and quality of your child's Halloween haul. Do us a favor and do a bit of field research for us? We may be onto something with this style!

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