Plastic Devil Pitchfork Promotions

Plastic Devil Pitchfork Promotions
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When you're a demon or devil from the darkest depths of hades, you really want people to take you seriously. After all, you're supposed to be one of the feared administrators of punishment for the mortal world, and if humans don't think you mean business you may be out a job. In Hell that generally means you become one of the punished rather than the punisher. That's why you need an accessory that inspires fear and turmoil from just one look! You need something like this Devil Pitchfork to really drive the point home. (See what we did there?)

This trident-style accessory gives you the classic weapon of a traditional devil, so everyone will know that you're ready to bring the pain! With a red paint job, it adds that finishing touch to any devil costume. Maybe you happen to be a real live demon, well then, this accessory makes for a good replacement fork just in case you lost your main one while making someone's time with you a living hell. (Just don't let the boss find out that you lost your pitchfork on the job!)