Plastic Minnie Mouse Trick or Treat Pail Promotions

Plastic Minnie Mouse Trick or Treat Pail Promotions
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A Head of the Game

Give your little one a leg up on the competition this Halloween. Other kids will have some pretty awesome costumes. There will be princesses, mermaids, and so much more. But all of those kids won’t have a treat bucket that matches their costumes.

When your kiddo goes out trick-or-treating as Minnie Mouse, give her this pail that is shaped and painted to look like that same beloved Disney character’s head. This treat bucket not only holds your child’s candy, but it enhances your little one’s entire ensemble. It’s the best bucket for your Minnie Mouse and why settle for less?

Product Details

This trick-or-treat pail is made of plastic molded to form the 3D head of the amazing Minnie Mouse. Details like her polka dot hair bow, eyes, and eyelashes are all painted on. The handle is made of a softer flexible plastic. The pail stands at about 5.25” high.

Pails in Comparison

It’s not about having the biggest bucket on the block. You want your child to have the perfect pail to go with their Minnie Costume. You won’t find a better trick-or-treat pail than this one. Teach your child that style trumps size every time when you get them this practical and fashionable costume accessory.

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