Playful Pumpkin Toddler Costume Promotions

Playful Pumpkin Toddler Costume Promotions
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Endless Fun

Toddlers can be all over the place—one minute they want to be one thing, the next minute, they're itching to be another. You are going to want a Halloween costume that proves adaptable and easy to wear. Complicated costumes have no place in toddlerhood, trust us. Simplicity rules! The great news is that if you opt for this exclusive Playful Pumpkin Toddler Costume, you have the perfect cozy costume that is as timeless as it is charming! You can never go wrong with a pumpkin costume.

Want to know what's even better? This costume's use can span far beyond the reaches of Halloween night, doubling as a cuddly jacket all season long! We mean, when you think about it, why relegate the magic of Halloween to one night for your little one? It seems like the moment Halloween's over, here come the Thanksgiving decorations! Teach your kid to slow down and enjoy the season (not to mention all that candy) by elongating the spirit of All Hallows Eve as long as possible!

Design & Details

For a child like yours who is all about comfort, adaptability, and adorable style, this cozy hoodie is bound to become a go-to for fall! It's crafted of cuddly fabric and features a jacket-length cut, a smiling jack-o-lantern on the front, and a sweet-as-can-be pumpkin stem on top of the hood! We carefully crafted this costume in our design studios to meet the needs of your on-the-move little pumpkin, not to mention your busy parental life! We create our Made by Us costumes with attention to detail, durable fabrics, and flattering styles—just like this one!


Of course, this zippered sweatshirt makes the perfect trick-or-treating ensemble, especially if the night calls for blustery conditions. It'll keep them cozy and on-point for the holiday (and beyond!). Don't let Halloween fly right by! Pick up this pumpkin hoodie and help your child keep the magic alive for months.

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