Poster Knife from Halloween Movie Promotions

Poster Knife from Halloween Movie Promotions
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Long, Sharp, and Shiny

Remember the first time you watched John Carpenter's horror masterpiece Halloween? Sitting there with your friends in the theater, innocent and cross-legged with your popcorn and your large soda, not even close to ready for the terror you were about to endure. Those were the days, weren't they?

There aren't many things more frightening than Michael Myers, in his iconic white mask, staring at an unsuspecting victim through its dark eyeholes. That is, at least until he raises this bad boy out of the shadows to make a move! All of a sudden you don't think it can get worse, until a moonlit chase down the block in the wee hours of the morning ensues.

Design & Details

This Halloween Movie Poster Knife is a plastic replica of the knife Michael used in one of the world's most iconic horror franchises. The replica measures about 17.5 inches long and should be wielded only by those 17 and up. If you're safe and have the right materials, like one of our Michael Myers costumes, you could try re-creating the iconic movie poster!

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