Pumpkin Bodysuit Costume - Women's

Pumpkin Bodysuit Costume - Women's
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Squash The Competition

It's the month for all things macabre and every day in October calls for a (slight) celebration. Incorporate a spooktacular costume or accessory (or both) into your wardrobe all month for a more stylish look than the day prior. Dressing up is a life passion of yours and the only woman who can out-fashion you is YOU. (You better work it, girl!)

If you're looking for a stylish way to show off your full-fledged fandom for anything and everything related to Halloween (while flaunting a natural flair for an effortless holiday elegance) then the pumpkin bodysuit needs to belong in your patch. Oops, we mean closet!

Product Details

Whether the day calls for pumpkin picking or event planning, the fashion-forward pumpkin bodysuit will fulfill all your style must-haves. 1) Its form-fitting and curve-hugging creating a flattering silhouette for all figures. 2) Style icons in their own right rejoice! This bodysuit features a trendy neck design which creates a Wiccan star design. It's simple, yet chic and unique. 3) The orange jack-o-lantern decal adds a cute touch to the otherwise all-black sexy bodysuit. A perfect combination of cute and classy!

Looks Gourd On You, Girl!

From a work celebration to dance club bashes, this garment can be worn for all types of Halloween events. Create your own unique (and sassy) pumpkin costume by pairing it with an orange petticoat, black fishnets, and matching heels then watch everyone bow before your costume greatness. All hail the pumpkin queen!

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