Punky Candy Corn Women's Witch Costume

Punky Candy Corn Women's Witch Costume

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Witchcraft, and we hate to oversimplify this here, but basically it's a pretty easy gig. You get yourself a few spells, pick up an oversized cauldron at your local home improvement store, ship in a few frogs eyes and lizard brains, and you're pretty much good to go. It's a practice and a set of skills that's seemingly as old as time, and it seems like once you're in an official guild, you're pretty much set. (As long as you don't get called in to any trials by torchlight...)

But if you want to level up on your witchery, to take it to the next level, to become the top vixen of them all... well, there's really only one way to ratchet it up. And that'd be to practice your witchcraft with attitude. Now we can't, as much as we would like to, help you out much with the mindset or moxy to let you dabble in the dark arts with a tempestuous temperament... but we can outfit you with the look that's going to make you feel like the top spellcaster with 'tude. This women's Punky Witch costume! It has the style that will let you stand out, and show off that you're not your conventional double, double, toil and trouble kind of witch.

This stylish dress costume features a button top bodice sporting cap sleeves, and the attached skirt has a sun-and-moon accented mesh overlay that's really going show off your style. The orange striped leggings will complete the look with just the right amount of color, and you can finish it off with an orange wig (sold separately). Get this HalloweenCostumes.com exclusive witch costume to really stand at your next get-together, and we'll just wish you good luck with all of those spells and hexes! Feel free to drop us a line to let us know how your village likes your new attitude...

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