Purple 18" Foam Light Up Glow Stick Promotions

Purple 18" Foam Light Up Glow Stick Promotions
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Purple Power

Looking for a way to prolong the Halloween festivities? Well, would you believe us if we said the answer is a glow stick? Probably not. But we happen to know a little something about magic. Our Department of Witchcraft and Wizardry told us that this Purple Foam Light Up Glow Stick is cooler than you’d assume.

We all know that purple is the color associated with royalty. However, did you know that purple in magic is good for casting spells to influence those in leadership positions? It’s also good for spells that help you attain knowledge, wisdom, and power or breaking a streak of bad luck! That means, if you cast a little spell with this purple, glowing wand, you could convince your friends to watch another scary movie or visit one more costume party. If you direct that spell at the right person, you could even make Halloween last as long as you see fit!

Product Details

Add this 18” Purple Foam Light Up Glow Stick to your Halloween ensemble for a magical look! The battery-operated wand will make any witch, Jedi, or superhero costume look more powerful than ever with its purple glow. Suitable for ages 3 and up, this simple accessory is great for every trick-or-treating monster, alien, and mystic!

Ready to Glow

Whether you’re looking for a safety-light for your little trick-or-treater or a costume accessory that adds a touch of magic, this Purple Foam Light Up Glow Stick is ready to go!

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