Queen of Hearts Crown Promotions

Queen of Hearts Crown Promotions
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Hide the Flamingos

It's a little wild that the Queen of Hearts seems to be so heartless. She'll punish her subjects on a whim. The games of the Wonderland kingdom are pretty cold as well. Who plays croquet with flamingos and poor, poor hedgehogs? Maybe you can add a little warmth to the Queen of Heart's persona. You can still rock her epic style. Just try hearing your poor subjects out before demanding their heads!

Product Details

This cozy crown is a great way to add a cozy touch to the cold Queen of Hearts ensemble. It has a soft red and black base that's trimmed with black faux fur. A sparkling red heart jewel is attached to the front for a royal sparkling touch. The size adjuster on the interior allows this crown to be lent out after you decide to pass on the crown.

Royal Flush

Her personality might be a little wicked but The Queen of Hearts really has a great wardrobe! Pair this crown with any of our Queen of Hearts dresses and you'll be ready to rule. Just be warned that flamingos and hedgehogs will flee once they see this crown. You know what they say about first impressions!