Queenie Goldstein Wand Accessory Promotions

Queenie Goldstein Wand Accessory Promotions
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Love Is the Greatest Magic

If you're looking for a loving, spirited witch, then look no further than Queenie Goldstein. This sweet but feisty magic user will do anything to be with and protect those she loves. At first, it's just her sister and only family member, Tina. Then she meets Jacob Kowalski, a No-Maj (nonmagical person), and falls in love with him. Even though their love is frowned upon in certain Wizarding circles, Queenie is determined to stick with Jacob, no matter what it takes. Now you can own a piece of her magical style with this Queenie Goldstein Wand!

Product Details

Queenie's wand is beautiful, feminine, and very reflective of the film's time period. The simple black wand ends in a handle of gold and pearl stylized like the 1930s art deco trend. The wide gold band has the era's geometric pattern, while the pearly handle curls into the shape of a shell at the pommel. We're not told what wand wood or wand core was used to make this wand, so you can let your imagination loose! To complete this look, dress in different shades and textures of pink. Bonus points if you look for vintage styled clothing!

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