Queenie Goldstein Wand Necklace Promotions

Queenie Goldstein Wand Necklace Promotions
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Wand Fit for a Queenie

What does a girl keep with her when she's trying to capture magical beasts that have escaped and are now running amok in 1928 New York City? Good question. It's been on our minds too. It's a tough one, even for the most talented witch or wizard to answer. But from examining Queenie Goldstein's wardrobe (she's one of the most skilled and fashionable witches in North America, you know), she sticks to the basics. She's often seen wearing lots of baby pink coats, floor-length dresses, and matching silk scarves while scampering, around the city on the proverbial hunt for magical beasts.

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Whatever harrowing adventures you have in front of you, we think her style is one to emulate. But it wouldn't hurt to take a lucky charm with you, too, to hedge your bets in such a dangerous field of work. So this officially licensed Queenie Goldstein Wand Necklace should be at the top of your list. Its chain has a spring-ring enclosure that keeps a silver-toned metal wand safe and really catches the eye. It will give you a touch of the fashionable Queenie's adventurous sense of style. You'll look amazing whether you're wandering through the mall or tracking down a Niffler with Newt Scamander. Best of all, because it's officially licensed, you can rest easy; you'll worry less about the shine of this silver and more about which lead to follow next!

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