Raccoon Wristlet Bag Promotions

Raccoon Wristlet Bag Promotions
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Raccoon Rationality

No one debates the fact that raccoons are cute. Everyone knows that their bushy tails and naturally occurring bandit masks make them absolutely charming. And of course, watching them wash their food or freeze when they’re spotted riffling through yards is unbeatably adorable. However, whenever you suggest adopting one of the sweeties as a pet people immediately shoot you down. They’re dangerous, they carry rabies, they’ll eat all of your food, are the typical reasons you’re supposed to take to heart. But you still can’t shake the feeling that you need a raccoon in your life.

Product Details

Luckily, you found us, and we have this Raccoon Wristlet Bag for you! This faux leather purse is the perfect way to welcome one of the little scamps into your home while keeping all the nay-sayers from getting on your case. Plus, this cutie is made to carry the essentials in its two pockets. Pack items you want to keep safe inside the zippered main pocket and items that you need quick access to in the back slip-pocket.

Woodland Essential

Whether you’re looking for a cute way to complement your everyday wardrobe or need a final accessory for your woodland costume, this Raccoon Wristlet has you covered. Carry all the essentials and collect all the compliments whenever you use this adorable purse!

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