Rainbow Rangers Toddler Lavender LaViolette Classic Costume Promotions

Rainbow Rangers Toddler Lavender LaViolette Classic Costume Promotions

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Splendiforous Fashion!

In the realm of Kaleidescopia, seven girls harness the powers of the rainbow to solve environmental problems on Earth. With a bit of team work and some cool superpowers, these girls find a way to save the day on every episode of Rainbow Rangers. Does your little one have a favorite ranger? We're guessing their favorite ranger might be their favorite color, too! If they love purple, then this Rainbow Rangers Toddler Lavender LaViolette Classic Costume will be the perfect costume for their next party or Halloween. As Lavender would say, "swirl and twirl...you should give this costume a whirl!"

Product Details

Of all the Rainbow Rangers, Lavender prides herself on being the most stylish of them all, and we can't deny that this outfit has great style! The dress gets a high tech upgrade with the metallic silver fabric, while a rainbow across the chest serves as the Rangers' symbol. Lavender's feminine style comes through on the purple belt and sleeves, as well as the purple tulle along the hem. And where would Lavender be without her wings? They are an important part of her Flitter Flower Micro Power! These wings attach to the back of the dress with velcro type fasteners. Your child can add their own fashion flair in the shoes they choose to wear, and what they decide to do with their hair. If they want purple hair like Lavender, check out our website for some purple hairspray!

Saving the World in Style

Just because Lavender is fashionable doesn't mean she doesn't care about the environment. Even when they need to help insects, she does her best to put aside her fears and help them. At the end of the day, she is there to do her job and do it well. Go Lavender!