Ravenclaw Harry Potter Arm Party Bracelet Set Promotions

Ravenclaw Harry Potter Arm Party Bracelet Set Promotions
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Wise Choices

Sometimes wearing your Hogwarts robe in public just isn’t the appropriate choice. As a Ravenclaw alum, you’re well aware of this unfortunate fact. Of course, you’re also a fiercely individual person that doesn’t really mind standing out from the crowd. So, maybe you’ll still grab that blue and bronze crested robe and wear it out for all your daily obligations. But if you decide to keep things simple for the muggle world, we can help you keep your Ravenclaw pride on display!

Product Details

With this Ravenclaw Arm Party Bracelet Set you’ll have a versatile accessory for all your muggle and wizard ensembles. Featuring 4 unique bracelets, you can mix and match to create a charming display of house pride for every occasion. Go casual with a Hogwarts charm on a blue beaded bracelet. Bring shine and Ravenclaw to a formal affair with 2 distinct bangles that each offer an image of the Ravenclaw eagle and house name. Or show your originality with the faux leather wrap-bracelet with its blue detailing and a silver R charm.

Original Eagle

Share your Ravenclaw pride with these Harry Potter bracelets! Whether you wear all 4 at the same time or share each with a fellow Ravenclaw, this versatile jewelry will let you create an original look for any outfit!