Red Jumbo Clown Shoe Promotions

Red Jumbo Clown Shoe Promotions
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If the Clown Shoe Fits

Despite its name, Clown College wasn't all fun and games. It was a lot of hard work. Sure, there were the fun courses, like juggling and face painting. But there was also a surprising amount of math and physics applied, like getting 6 full-sized clowns into that tiny car. It's not just luck or practice—there are actual calculations involved! There were more tedious courses, like the History of Clowning, which required diligent note-taking and stressful exams, and the Timing of Clowning taught you the subtle art of humor. After all that exertion and hard work, you deserve to celebrate your graduation!

Nothing says "welcome to official clownhood" more than a brand new pair of Red Jumbo Clown Shoes! So treat yourself to this perfect pair and enjoy your new life as a licensed and fully-trained clown. Of course, now that these giant shoes are involved, all your calculations may need to change to fit you into that clown car...these shoes take up a lot of space!

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Whether you're a real clown or this is your Halloween costume, this pair of shiny, red and yellow shoes is a must! They are lightweight for easy movement, and the laces tie on top for a secure fit. Happy clowning!