Red Serpent Pitchfork Promotions

Red Serpent Pitchfork Promotions
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Forgetting Something?

So, you’ve picked out one wicked looking devil costume. You’re going to be the evilest thing between Hell and Earth. You’re going to torment the living with your frightening look. You’re going to punish the wicked with a thousand stings from your deadly weapon that comes straight from the gates of… wait a second, what kind of weapon are you packing? You hadn’t thought about that just yet, did you?

It’s cool. We get a little excited about costumes and forget about the important accessories too. Accessories ARE sort of a must have to take your costume to the next level, but the good news is that there’s still time. You can add this serpent pitchfork to your devil costume and you’ll be ready to torment souls like a real devil would.

Product Details

This serpent pitchfork is a wild spin on the classic devil trident. It comes with a long back handle with a molded plastic tip. The tip is shaped like deadly-looking serpents that are formed into 3 points. It’s easily the best addition you can make to any devil costume.

Devilish Duty

Once you have this handy little toy weapon, you can wear your devil outfit with confidence! Just get out there and do your devilish duties.