Roald Dahl Tween BFG Costume Promotions

Roald Dahl Tween BFG Costume Promotions
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No Gobblefunk Here

Your kiddo can dress up as one of Roald Dahl’s beloved storybook characters with this Tween BFG Costume. That’s right, your preteen can become the Big Friendly Giant. He won’t need an extra growth spurt to be this ginormous fairytale icon but rather a quick makeover.

Once he tosses on this getup, he’ll be quite a big deal in the neighborhood. If trick-or-treating is his thing, then we’re sure he’ll get plenty of huge candy bars. If he prefers costume parties, we know he’ll tower over the competition in the costume contest! Maybe he’ll imprison all the bad giants and save the world. Who knows? The possibilities are endless with this make-belief guise.

Details and Design

Time to Dahl your kid up. His gigantic transformation begins with the top. It is compiled of a white shirt with a brown vest attached. There is a slight “v” front and center on the neckline. Next, he can add the faded green pants with the attached brown belt. A gold color buckle is on the front of the belt.

The outfit is complete but there are also two accessories to be added to the costume. First, there is a pair of giant-sized ears to go with the giant getup. They are attached to a headband to make adding them a simple task. Lastly, a felt horn is also included. Your kiddo can then capture the good dreams and share them with the good children.

An Adventure Off the Books

If your tween loves to live in the world of fiction, bring the fiction to life in the real world with the help of this BFG Costume from our Roald Dahl collection. Adventures don’t have to just happen on the pages of books. They can happen in real life. Send your little giant out on an adventure this Halloween with this fun and fanciful costume.

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