Robin Hood Quiver Promotions

Robin Hood Quiver Promotions
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When Crime Pays

We'll never suggest that anyone break the law. Honestly, the last that robbery was charming, it was when some guy in tights stole a bunch of gold from a tyrannous monarch. Then he handed his loot to the poor. He might not have gotten rich from his feats but at least he went down in history. And we don't want to be cheesy (we can't help but be cheesy) but isn't that the type of wealth that really matters? We don't want to encourage anyone to break the law but what would you do if you had Robin Hood's skills? Free the animals from a circus? Confront a bank and give everyone their overdraft fees back? We live in more complicated times these days. Maybe you oughta just dress as Robin Hood to let the poor folks know that you're on their side!

Product Details

While most costumes don't have usable pockets, this quiver will be there to help you carry your belongings and stay in character at the same time. Slip your arrows into the twenty-two-inch long quiver and slip your wallet into the functional pocket on the outside. Maid Marion is sure to be impressed by your ingenuity!

Not Gonna Miss Your Shot

Halloween only comes around one time a year and though we can think of other reasons to dress up, you've got to make your Halloween costume count. So, make sure everything's in place with this quiver prop. You've got a shot at having an awesome costume. We know you won't miss it.