Safety Light for Trick-or-Treating Promotions

Safety Light for Trick-or-Treating Promotions
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Allow us to lead you out of the darkness and point you toward a Halloween strategy providing lots of sweet success. The success lies in safety. You can't score a pillowcase full of miniature candy or caramel encased candy apples if you've fallen over, can't see 2-feet in front of you or don't know where the heck you're going. We don't want your Halloween to play out like this, and you don't either, which is why we created a safety light for trick or treating.

Collecting goodies is always fun, but it's the most fun when completely free from danger. This handy accessory will light the way so you and your costumed crew can work your way to every house in the neighborhood well into the night because candy tastes the best when you're protected!


This is a Made by Us product, meaning it's assembled with extreme care and prepared to endure for all Halloweens to come. The circular light is approximately 2-inches in diameter and covered by clear plastic. Turn the accessory on and the LED light flashes. A clip attached to the back allows it to be fastened to both costumes and trick-or-treat bags.


Pick one up for every kid in the neighborhood to have the safest block in town.

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