Scary Gravedigger Shovel Prop Promotions

Scary Gravedigger Shovel Prop Promotions
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Plenty of Skeletons

It's a cold, misty evening in the village, and fog lies heavy on the ground, muffling all sound. You had hoped to visit the cemetery, as you heard it holds a lot of historical significance to the area. It will be hard to see the gravestones in this weather. As you begin to walk though the rows of tilted markers, you hear scraping noises. Someone must be having a funeral today. You keep walking, and you see the gravedigger, back turned to you. But he's not filling a hole...he's digging up a grave! Bring the horror to life with this Scary Gravedigger Shovel Prop.

Product Details

This shovel may be plastic, but it is designed and painted to look like the real deal, rusted and worn down. It comes in two pieces that easily twist together to assemble. At 54 inches long, it is just as big as a real shovel, and it will look very convincing slung over your shoulder or leaning up against your house. Those who think it's a regular shovel will quickly step back, because it looks like someone left their skeletal arm and hand behind, still grasping the handle in its bony grip!

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