Self-Adhesive Handlebar Mustache Promotions

Self-Adhesive Handlebar Mustache Promotions
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Mustache Magic

Have you ever wondered about the magic of that wonderous upper lip hair? It's been making impressions on society and history for years. A good mustache can make the difference between having guff and not having guff. The pencil-thin curved mustache makes men cads, villains, and playboys according to the silver screen. A full, bushy mustache was the only thing that gave Hawaiian shirt-wearing PIs in on seventies television authority. And of course, the hero and love interest of every story from The Count of Monte Cristo to Gone With the Wind has a dapper mustache like this one!

Product Details

You no longer have to worry about your sad, bare upper lip. Stick this mustache on your face and you'll instantly become the smooth operator you always knew was lingering deep inside! Simply peel off the back and apply it to your upper lip and you'll be ready to save the day!

A Cast of Characters

This generally dapper mustache can be used for a variety of characters. Mustache recipients can choose from spur-wearing cowboys, Edwardian Gentlemen, suave pirate captains, or even a mysterious magician! You might even want to invest in more than one so you can slip into character, whenever you like. Trust us, that's easier than growing your own!

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