Seraphina Picquery Necklace Wand Necklace Promotions

Seraphina Picquery Necklace Wand Necklace Promotions
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Wands at the Ready

Luck is a magical feeling! We want you to harness it like a leader. Like when you're chasing down magical creatures in the streets of Manhattan or just chasing down a cab to get home after a long day, it helps to have a token of good luck. It can't hurt, at least! Just imagine: one minute you're about to nab a pesky Niffler that has been stealing all your snacks, or you finished your daily investigations at 5PM but couldn't get a cab to acknowledge your presence until 5:45PM, or you play Paper-Rock-Scissors for the lunch tab... We would be a bit more optimistic in these scenarios with a rabbit's foot, or a four leaf clover, or something, right?

Product Details

Well, we have it on good authority that this officially licensed Seraphina Picquery Wand Necklace could boost your luck! It's a silver-toned metal wand necklace on a necklace chain that has a spring-ring closure. It fits most folks, too. Best yet, it's modeled after the one Seraphina Picquery uses in the movie. And because it is officially licensed you can worry less about finding a cab and more about where to allocate your daily allowance of extra luck! Don't forget whose idea it was when you finally nab that Niffler.

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