Sexy French Maid Costume - Women's

Sexy French Maid Costume - Women's

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The French do everything better. Buttery bread. Fancy buildings. Sultry language. Even kissing is better when it is French. But the thing they really nailed down (well, besides the kissing anyway) is maids. They really let their young women show off what they got. Skills with a broom that is.

Paris is what every young girl fantasies about. It’s that magical place that women are allowed to be who they are. And all that delicate pink, and beautiful lace, and ooh the Eiffel tower. Few things can beat that as a young girl. And, oh god, the style of those sophisticated French women. Those black and white striped shirts with the red scarf tied delicately around their necks. And let’s not forget the wonderful little hats…what are they called, berets? We can imagine all the fine cultured people of the world sipping on a cappuccino in a small café, the Eiffel tower in the background.

So that little girl grew up. You moved to Paris, and you thought that it would be all baguettes and cafés but you got there and realized that you need to make money there too. Luckily for you, you brought this Sexy French Maid Costume, and found work quickly. And it isn’t even that bad. You live in downtown Paris with your new best friends: Marie, and Jean Paul. They take you out to somewhere new every night, and during the day you become a hardworking French maid. And after all that, it still feels like the French do everything better.

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