Shot Glass Test Tubes Promotions

Shot Glass Test Tubes Promotions
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Pick Your Poison

So, you're having a seasonal soiree, right? If it's your turn to have a Halloween bash then you want to do it right! The thing is, there's so much potential when it comes to this holiday. The themes are limitless. You could head towards the Dracula's castle look with plenty of organ music, red velvet, and creepy spider webs. Then there's the spooky forest route with scratchy branches, wolves howling, and plenty of fog. Here's the thing, people often forget all about the mad scientist route. Those former themes are all about the past while a lab-oriented party is a modern way to celebrate Halloween. With bubbly brews, lightning flashes, and mysterious elements of experiments this theme leaves plenty of room for imagination!

Product Details

Whatever you might be serving at your macabre party, your guests will love to sip concoctions out of these two-ounce shot glasses. The PSI icon makes whatever you're drinking look extra dangerous. The bottom is flat so you don't have to worry about spilling in the lab once you're done with your refreshment.

Luxuries of the Lab

It's not all stainless steel and boring lab coats when it comes to science-themed soirees. You can fill these shot glasses with whatever solutions you might come up with, whether bitter and bubbly or sweet and sticky. A word of advice, if we were you we'd avoid actual lab ingredients! Whether you're having a CSI themed party or you're dressed like a mad scientist, this beverage experiment is sure to go over well!