Shower Curtain Costume Promotions

Shower Curtain Costume Promotions

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You only really despise two things in life: conventional ideas and unkempt people. Well, friend, do we have a costume for you!

You’re so good-natured that it’s shocking to us to see you seethe at the sight of unoriginal costumes that stream into the party. Not only is there a costume competition prize on the line, but there’s your dignity, too! Who would you be, HOW would you look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow if you came to the bash dressed in a last minute DIY or worse, as “a guy who doesn’t dress up for Halloween.” LAME! This Shower Curtain Costume will take first prize for cleverness while subtly spreading your message of good personal hygiene. Win-win buddy.

You never reuse your Halloween looks, which means you get more and more creatively costumed year after year. We applaud you for that! While this complex look will leave people doing a double take—how did he do that?—it’s actually relatively simple; the best ideas often are. Right? The whole apparatus—from the tubes to the shower head to the solid red curtain—attaches to your body with an adjustable harness. Pure genius! Lest you worry that real streaming water may make you cold in front of a crowd, the “water” of this look is cleverly achieved with silver streamers. So, now that your ideal costume is all sorted, you can turn your attention to more difficult tasks, like figuring out how you’ll possibly top this look next year and deciding what to sing in the shower.

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