Silver Horned Adult Helmet Promotions

Silver Horned Adult Helmet Promotions
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Viking Vibes

Alright, alright. We know. It's not exactly historically accurate. Traditionally, real Viking warriors didn't wear horns on their helmets like most modern depictions seem to indicate. The real ones looked a little more utilitarian and functional, perhaps with some runic inscriptions... but horns on helmets look so cool! We don't care if they're not historically accurate! We like them anyways, whether it's for a Viking costume or to help get in touch with your inner barbarian. That's why we're all about adorning any Viking costume with a good ol' set of horns and this Silver Horned Helmet is a great way to get that job done.

Product Details

This molded helmet has quite the intimidating look! It's shaped into the form of a classic Medieval style helmet, complete with a nose hard and runic-inspired carvings. It also has molded faux rivets on the side and top. It also has an antique silver paint job to help give it a weathered, metallic appearance. Finishing off the barbaric style, it comes with a pair of horns on the top of the helm. It's an easy choice to add to any Medieval costume, so be sure to pair it with one of our many historical costumes.

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