Silver Queen's Tiara Promotions

Silver Queen's Tiara Promotions
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Retro Royal

When you picture a royal costume, what’s the first accessory that comes to mind? For us, it’s the tall jewel-encrusted crown that we’d wear atop our heads. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires set in shining metal would make for the most elegant crown and we’ll take nothing less! Except, maybe, something that just looks like polished metal with real precious stones. Maybe a crown like the one we wore when we were just little princesses heading out for Halloween with our closest vampire and witch friends. It complemented our homemade dresses and capes in a way nothing else could. The crown may have been plastic, but it was a treasure to us!

Product Details

Nothing beats a classic and this Silver Queen’s Tiara is ready to prove that again! The tall silver plastic crown brings back the nostalgia of your first royal costume with the same texture and faux jewels you wore trick-or-treating. Whether you’re bringing back the same satin gown or felt cape from childhood, or creating an original monarch, this tiara will bring your look together!

Royal Regalia

Halloween is the perfect time to stroll down memory lane. Whether you’re dressing your children up for their first trick-or-treat experience or reliving your favorite childhood costumes, the accessories can make or break the look. With this Silver Queen’s Tiara, you and yours will have the perfect piece to complete your royal ensemble.

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