Skeleton Frog Decoration Promotions

Skeleton Frog Decoration Promotions
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Okay, so don't take offense. We have a sneaking suspicion that your house might be a little boring. This concern is coming from a place of love. Okay, now answer truthfully. How many skeletons do you have ready for the Halloween season? Okay, and how many of those skeletons are human? If you answered 100 percent we were right. Don’t panic, we have your back.

What kind of skeleton is more unexpected and on fleek than a skeleton frog? Frogs, for one, go with multiple Halloween themed locals. First, there's the classic witches den, where mysterious herbs hang from the ceiling beams and strange fumes come from the cauldron in the fire place. Then, there is the classic abandoned science lab, where this little guy could be calcifying in some long forgotten aquarium tank. Let's not even think about the spooky bog, where this frog is originally from, one wrong step there and you could be lost forever. We haven't even discussed that fact that frogs creep so many people out even when they're fully intact.

This frog is a simple solution to add surprise and intrigue to your Halloween decor this year. You don't even need to turn your whole house into a creepy science lab! Visitors will get the idea and their imaginations will thank you. For a reanimated feel you can rotate his head and open and close his jaws. Put him on your mantle and watch as a mysterious air permeates your home.

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