Skeleton Hand Voodoo Necklace Promotions

Skeleton Hand Voodoo Necklace Promotions
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greetings, friend

You have shown great courage and ambition to venture into the woods of the bayou all on your own. You'd bettter stay on what's left of those old carriage roads, and look out for the muck! It's our understanding that the townsfolk told you to venture out into the swampland as a sort of spiritual tribulation to mend your broken heart. You never know what will happen out here, though; in fact, meeting the Voodoo witch Talia is more likely than finding your way out on your lonesome. Beyond that, there are alligators, deadly snakes, and that muck.

product details

We have something just for you -- a lucky charm, if you will. For a price, you can forgo your near-inevitable meeting with the Voodoo witch Talia and test fortune with this Voodoo Skeleton Hand Necklace draped around your neck. One size fits most and it ties in the back,'s a necklace. Don't sweat any of the simple things.

about the shack

If you encounter a small shack, you'll feel compelled to head inside. Something about it, despite its decrepit appearance, exudes warmth. It's simultaneously inviting and repulsive. Do not go near it -- especially now, with this Skeleton Hand Voodoo necklace around your neck. It's your only hope of getting out!

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