Skeleton Teddy Bear Decor Promotions

Skeleton Teddy Bear Decor Promotions
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Everybody Has a Skelly

Halloween time has a special knack for taking cute things and making them...well, more appropriate for the season. Autumn's usual pumpkins gain funny or frightening faces. Bats and spiders take over store shelves. Even the candy wrappers turn orange and black in honor of the season! Now, we know that teddy bears don't have skeletons. If you've ever been to a Build-a-Bear workshop, you know that bears are stuffed with fluff and love, not anatomically correct bones. But tis the season to be a little creepy! This Skeleton Teddy Bear Decoration is both creepy and cute, perfect for your Halloween front step or fireplace mantle.

Product Details

This little bear is a unique mix of bone details with other pieces that would normally be furry. He has a large ribcage and short arms and legs, like a teddy bear does, but he also still has pad marks on his paws. He has also kept his little rounded ears. Even the hole for his nose is shaped like a heart! The skull also has stitch marks down the middle, another fabric touch on the bony face. At a mere five inches tall, this bony bear will fit anywhere you need him to.