Skeletons Pattern Sublimated Face Mask for Adults Promotions

Skeletons Pattern Sublimated Face Mask for Adults Promotions
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We Say Spooky, You Say…?

When you hear the word “spooky” what comes to mind? Ghosts? Witches? Black cats? Jack-o-lanterns? As great as all those answers are, when we hear the word “spooky”, the first thing that pops into our mind is a skeleton. Nothing is scarier than one of those boneheads being reanimated. Add a hint of spooky to your everyday attire thanks to this Skeleton Pattern Sublimated Face Mask for Adults.

Wear it on a day that the wind is chilly and nipping at your nose. Toss this mask on if you’re feeling a little under the weather. No need to pass whatever illness you may have on to others. Put the mask on and keep your germs from spreading. Wear it this coming Halloween if you don’t have time to go all out with a full-body costume. You’ll still enjoy being able to celebrate when you bring the spookiness to your home/workplace with this skeleton mask.

Product Details

This sublimated facemask features a skeletal design printed over a black background. There is a row of skeletons from the ribs up. Under that, there is then a row with a boney design. Following that row, there is then a final row of smiling skulls.

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