Skull Door Knocker Decoration Promotions

Skull Door Knocker Decoration Promotions
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Heaven or Hades?

The famous riddle says that every door could lead to a place of pure bliss. Of course, if you pick the other door, you might end up in a heck of trouble. The real question is not which door leads to which place... but which place do you want your door to lead to! The way we see it is that it is your door, so you get to decide. Offer up a platter of delicious brownies to your guests. Or maybe have a den decorated in a dozen spiders. Honestly, both of those sound like heaven to us!

Product Details

Make sure that your door decorations are doing their daring duties when you use this Skull Door Knocker decoration! This door hanger has a look of an aged metallic skull with a movable ring in its mouth. Bring a little gothic fun to your party or keep your doorway looking festive no matter the season.

Knight or Knave!?

With one of these Skull Door Knockers, you're instantly giving your dwelling the look of a mystery waiting to be solved. Of course, you could get two of them and really throw your guests for a loop. "One door leads to the washroom. The other means you have to do our laundry!"

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